CBUK Innovation

The ultimate Barrow.

CBUK Reliable

The ultimate Barrow.

CBUK Versatile

The ultimate Barrow.

We are getting close to launch in 2023

• First ever steerable barrow.
• First ever Wireless Control

• Programme your speed via a smart phone.

• First ever Speed Control system. (Constant power a little like cruise control no need to turn nobs flick switches if you hit a hill this will deel with that for you.

• Adjustable handle height.

• Soft start and stop.

• Built in USB outlet.

• Over 2 miles travel on mixed terrain.

•Fully designed, patented and manufactured in the Uk

• Manufactured and fully tested in the Uk with weights exceeding 150kg.

• Extended guarantee.

Carp Barrow Carp Fishing Barrow
Fishing Barrow Carp Fishing Barrow

Coming soon

carpbarrowuk@gmail.com  Probaly the best barrow in the world.